In the health sector, the piano is useful for reducing stress. The mental stress gradually eases as we play the piano. Sit at the piano and play. We will feel peace of mind. Our thoughts become clearer. One more benefit is not less good. Playing the piano is able to balance the left brain and right brain. The left brain is dominant over logic, numbers, etc. Meanwhile, the right brain plays an important role in creativity, imagination, and art. When playing the piano, our left brain and right brain work in balance. Who doesn’t want to have a balanced right and left brain? You can learn more on rocket piano review.

Last but not least, playing the piano is useful for increasing self-confidence. How come? Obviously, you can. When playing the piano, there will be people who listen to our piano playing. It doesn’t matter one person, ten people, or even hundreds of people. Those who listen to our piano playing will appreciate and respond. That’s when our confidence emerges. What if we are already fluent in playing the piano.

Learn to play the piano with a good hand position. Position our hands on the piano before playing it. A good hand position will make it easier for us to play the piano.

Recognize chord. The piano is a melodic and harmonious musical instrument. Because this instrument can produce notes/tones. The piano has keys or chords. Consists of major and minor chords. There are A chords, AM chords, C chords, CM chords, etc. Well, try to learn the chords.

Play a song. The next step, choose one of the songs that we like. Play the song on the piano. There’s no need to sing if we’re not ready. Forcing ourselves to play the piano while singing actually makes our concentration dissolve. Just focus on the song we play along with the chords.

Practice with discipline. Try every day we practice playing the piano. Set aside at least half an hour of our time to touch the piano keys. If we practice regularly, we can play the piano more smoothly. Just like pursuing any other hobby, playing the piano requires perseverance and dedication.

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