The excess shine on the face area will make everyone feel hesitant to leave the house or meet people. Oily skin conditions can indeed reduce everyone’s trust, so an effort is needed to overcome it. One way that can be taken is to use honey for oily skin.

Oil or sebum is actually needed to keep the skin moisturized and healthy. Oil production itself occurs not only in the face area but in all parts of the body because there are sweat glands. When sebum production is not properly controlled, problems such as oily facial skin can occur. When experiencing this condition, you can apply special oil face masks from various brands.

Sebum is needed for the skin to maintain moisture, prevent dry skin, and prevent itching and protect the skin from invading bacteria or dirt that want to enter. This sebum is an oil that doesn’t dissolve easily, so its presence will make the skin’s hair softer and more supple. However, when sebum production is interrupted, it is not surprising that some parts become oilier, such as the face.

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