For those who live in coastal areas, at night they still need a fan or air conditioner to make the room temperature more comfortable. It’s just that, if the bedroom temperature remains hot, will it interfere with the quality of our sleep significantly? If the air temperature is cold, sleeping in a warm room with Columbia SC heating and water will certainly provide a comfortable sensation and if your machine has a problem, Heating Repair Columbia SC will come to your aid immediately. But if the air temperature also tends to be hot, then we will certainly feel hot and ultimately find it difficult to sleep well. The human body wants a cool atmosphere if it wants to sleep well. Even though the body has conditioned itself to be sleepy and ready to fall asleep, in reality, the heat will prevent us from being able to close our eyes. Even if you fall asleep, it’s easy to wake up when you feel hot or sweat excessively.

If we often wake up as a result of sleeping in a hot room, it will certainly reduce the quality of sleep drastically. The impact will not only make us feel sleepy because we can’t sleep well, but it will also make the body sluggish, underpowered, and easy to get sick. In fact, not sleeping well enough will make your mood worse, decrease brain function, and make you feel hungry easily. Health experts advise us to sleep with an air temperature of around 18 to 22 degrees Celsius if you want to sleep well. If you don’t have air conditioning, you can also use a fan, although you should be careful when using it to prevent other health effects. Although it can make the stomach full and feel comfortable, in reality, eating before bed can give an uncomfortable sensation to the stomach and ultimately make us unable to sleep well. Especially if the food consumed is a spicy food that can trigger an increase in stomach acid. This can even lead to insomnia problems.

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