Employees are partners as well as human resources who can be valuable assets for companies or agencies, both government and private. Therefore, selecting employees in the recruitment process must be done strictly to obtain employees who are not only competent at work but also loyal and most importantly have high credibility. If we talk about credibility or honesty, employees in every company must have it. Unfortunately, not a few companies fail to evaluate and improve the credibility of their human resources, so that employees easily embezzle company money. This detrimental fraud does not only occur in companies or private institutions but also the government. With this case of embezzlement of company money, the role of a trusted lawyer like Sydney criminal lawyer is very much needed criminalsolicitorsydney.

Examples of cases with the tactic of withdrawing funds from customers directly and depositing them in personal accounts. This is the most common employee embezzlement tactic. Funds raised from customers for the purchase of certain products or services from the company are not deposited with the company but are used for personal gain, both personal needs and just for fun. Cases of embezzlement by employees with this tactic often occur in bank companies and the perpetrators are employees who serve as managers. This is done by the perpetrator by withdrawing funds from several customers through two channels, namely front liners and transfers to the perpetrator’s account. This case of embezzlement of money was discovered after the perpetrator did not deposit the funds he withdrew from the customer’s account to the company. As a result of this fraud, this will certainly make the company suffer heavy losses.

Besides, there is a strategy that is almost the same as carried out by an employee at a travel agency company. The perpetrators sold airplane tickets to several customers, but the money from the sale was not deposited into the company’s treasury, but into personal pockets.

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