Many people don’t realize that this credit score is an important thing where everything can have an impact on their finances, especially for those who often take advantage of the installments when buying something. Therefore, it is better if before applying, make sure that your credit score is “safe”, but it will be even better to reach the highest credit score possible. However, if your credit score is ‘messy’, you can fix it again with these tips:

Manage Bills Wisely

One way to fix this, of course, can be started with you having to reduce your billing activity. For those of you who have several credit cards, of course, it doesn’t matter. However, make sure to pay attention to the bills for each credit card you have so you don’t make late payments. Make sure the maximum bill or installment a person has is 30% of their monthly income. If the number of installments owned is more than 30% of the income earned, it will only worsen the scoring.

Not Applying for Multiple Credit Transactions Simultaneously

Avoid credit at the same time. If it turns out that many transactions are found within a short period, of course, financial institutions can reduce their credit scores. Therefore, avoid applying for credit at a close time. With a good credit score, you will be more easily approved to make a as expected. Some of the things we have mentioned previously can certainly help you improve your credit score.

Pay Bills on Time

Have a lot of bills? No problem, but a large number of bills also means you need to prepare payments on time. This needs to be remembered not to have many bills make you confused about managing your finances and confused about determining priority payments. With the late payment of these bills, it can cause your score to be problematic, for example when you are about to apply for a mortgage, this bank will see the credit score you have and make this credit score also a decision in determining interest rates and others.

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